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Serves: 8


150 g (5½ oz) plain chocolate, minimum 70% cocoa solids
225 ml (8 fl oz) double cream
8 individual ready-made sweet tartlet cases (such as Marks & Spencer’s or Waitrose)
200 g (7 oz) crème fraiche
8 strawberries or a small punnet of raspberries
icing sugar
Cadbury’s flake (optional)

To decorate (optional)
1 punnet of strawberries
plain,milk & white chocolate
other soft fruits such as redcurrants on the stem, blueberries, raspberries or cherries

Individual Chocolate Truffle & Strawberry Tartlets

These are a bit of a cheat as I have used ready-made tartlet cases from Marks & Spencer (or Waitrose) which are shortbread-y and delicious, but best of all the tartlets can be filled hours in advance without going at all soggy.

They look wonderful if served on a large platter interspersed with strawberries dipped in white, milk and plain chocolate and/or a scattering of other soft fruits. They are just as good if filled the day before too, so perfect for entertaining - plus ten out of ten for ‘WOW’ factor. Particularly lovely for a summer or wedding buffet.


1. Break up the chocolate and heat gently with the double cream in a small saucepan, just until the chocolate has melted. Pour into the individual tartlet cases. Allow to cool and set.

2. Spoon a dollop of crème fraiche onto the top of each tartlet making sure that a little of the chocolate mixture is still showing around the edges. Pile either whole or sliced strawberries, or raspberries onto the top. Dust with icing sugar and Cadbury’s flake, if using, and serve.

Get ahead

- The tarts can be made to the end of Step 2 up to 24hrs in advance.
- Dip the strawberries up to a day ahead, if using, cover and refrigerate.

Hints and tips

- For dipping, choose very fresh strawberries with a good green hull and stem. Simply melt the different chocolates in very small, separate bowls and whilst holding on to the green stalk, dip the strawberries in to coat the bottom half. Put onto silicone or greaseproof paper and leave to set.  

- Alternatively make in one larger ready-made tart case, also available from Marks & Spencer.

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