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Useful Utensils

These utensils are staples that I use regularly when cooking. They make my life much easier in the kitchen - I wouldn't be without them. Absolutely no useless gadgets, I promise!

The Get-Ahead Cook

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Super 2 in 1 Knife Sharpener


Our fabulous new 2-in-1 knife sharpener has a simple single-handed pull-through operation which achieves professional results, even on old and blunt knives.

It can also be used to sharpen SERRATED blades and SCISSORS.

The tungsten steel edges will sharpen the bluntest of knives whilst the ceramic edges will hone and perfect the blade, ideal for daily use. Its one-handed twist lock suction base will secure the sharpener to any smooth surface or worktop and once itís locked in place you can safely sharpen your knife hands-free.

Being beautifully compact and light means it can be easily tidied away in a drawer, cupboard or tool box when not needed.

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