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Useful Utensils

These utensils are staples that I use regularly when cooking. They make my life much easier in the kitchen - I wouldn't be without them. Absolutely no useless gadgets, I promise!

The Get-Ahead Cook

NEW! Self-Sealing Silicone Lids - Duck Egg

From £8.50

NEW! Self-Sealing Silicone Lids - Aqua

From £8.50

NEW! Self-Sealing Silicone Lids - Lime Green

From £8.50

NEW! Self-Sealing Silicone Lids - Sage Green

From £8.50

Opinel Kitchen Knife Set

From £32.00

Super 2 in 1 Knife Sharpener


NEW! Bees Wrap for Bread


Bee's Wrap

From £15.00

BESTSELLER! Giant Spatula - Tart-Quiche-Cake Lifter


Stay-Clean Silicone Flower Sponge


Slotted Turner - Fish Slice


Herb Scissors


Digital 'Easy to Read' Timer


Aga Splash Back Shield


Heat Resistant Silicone Utensil Rest


Bottle Pourer


Mini Silcione Spatulas


Bread Knife

From £15.00

Heat Resistant Silicone Hot Mats


Mandolin - Julienne & Slicer All-in-One


Mini Silicone Locking Tongs


2-in-1 Lemon & Lime Squeezer


No-Peel Non-Stick Garlic Press


Tomato Knife


Magic Paper - Silicone Cooking Roll


Ultra Sharp Fine Grater


Wine Away


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