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Mini Raclette Set - NEW


Alpine chic at home!

As a family we absolutely love Raclette, the classic Alpine dish from France and Switzerland. 

Slices of melted Raclette cheese are scraped from the individual pans over hot, halved, waxy potatoes and eaten with cured meats, salamis, salads and pickles such as gherkins and small pickled onions. These, along with the potatoes and cheese, are arranged on platters in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves.

It's fun, festive, informal and relaxed DIY eating, with virtually no effort on the cooking front for the host!   

The name Raclette comes from the French word racler 'to scrape' and the cheese is available from cheese shops, large supermarkets and online. Melted, it has a thick, luscious creamy fondant texture, and is also very good with sausages, and over vegetables and toast. 

The benefit of this clever mini raclette set with its individual pans is that there are no plugs and flexes. The cheese is melted by the heat from tea lights below, enabling each person to have their own pan and melt their cheese as and when they want it. Also very handy for just two people to enjoy raclette. 

The box contains two individual pan sets and four tea lights.


  • Other melting cheeses can be used.  
  • We love to eat this with Celeriac Rémoulade (The Get-Ahead Cook p.155) and Foccacia's good too.
  • Heat pans for 1 min, add a slice of (thinly sliced) cheese, and leave for a few minutes until melted.

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