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BESTSELLER! Giant Spatula - Tart-Quiche-Cake Lifter


This brilliant giant flexi spatula come-tart-and-cake-lifter is the culinary equivalent of an insurance policy!

If there's one bit of equipment that everyone wants when I use it during a demonstration, it's this - when I say 'everyone' I am almost not exaggerating. And with good reason, as it's a seriously good bit of kit and definitely one of my top five utensils.

One of the front corners protrudes slightly and this combined with its flexibility makes it very easy to slide underneath the food.

Having made a beautiful tart, quiche, cake, pie, anything en croute, pavlova, torte - or any other such things, the final transferral to a serving platter can be the most nerve wracking bit. No more! The size of this spatula means that the whole thing can be lifted safely with no danger of collapsing.

It is equally good for transferring smaller but delicate food such as biscuits, cheese straws and meringues etc. from a baking sheet to a cooling rack all in one go.  I also find it very useful for turning pastry around whilst rolling it out, thus avoiding tearing it which can happen easily.

In short, it's a MUST-HAVE!

Stainless Steel
Dishwasher proof

Approximate Dimensions
Width - 25cm
Length - 34cm at longest point, 28cm at shortest point

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