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Puddings & Cakes

Seville Orange Posset

Simplicity itself and very quick to make too. Serve with Orange Sablés (see recipe in Bits Bobs & Basics), or orange shortbread spiked with the zest from one of the oranges....

Serves: 8

Cooking Time: 3 minutes

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Seville Orange Sables

The sables can be made in advance and stored in an airtight container for several weeks.If serving with Seville Orange Posset(see recipe on website), use the zest grated from one of the oranges for th...

Serves: Makes approx 16

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Festive Black Cherry Trifle

Bit of a cheat this – ready-made cake and ready-made custard! It couldnít be much easier – just an assembly job really. Bought fresh custard is runnier than the home-made custard used in ...

Serves: 10-12 or more!

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Individual Seville Orange & Brioche Butter Puddings

This twist on bread and butter pudding is made with brioche and Seville orange. The bitter-sweet orange flavour cuts through the richness of the other ingredients and they are quick as anything to m...

Serves: Makes 4

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Seville Orange Tart

Seville oranges  will only be here for a few weeks, so don't miss the opportunity to make this truly delicious tart. The sweet but tart combination is irresistable. The texture is sublime.Whil...

Serves: 8 - 10

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Individual Blackberry & Apple Oat Crumbles

Everyone loves a crumble, and for entertaining this humble but delicious pudding looks considerably more elegant when served in individual dishes – less Sunday lunch or nursery pudding! The fact...

Serves: 8

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Plums Bottled in Rum

This is such a useful and very easy way of preserving plums. Bottled now, they are perfect for eating over Christmas. A really handy instant pudding to have in the store cupboard. Delicious in their...

Serves: Lots!

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Blackberry Clafoutis

Blackberry Clafoutis is a variation on the classic French pudding Cherry Clafoutis. A delicious concoction which consists of fresh fruit baked in a creamy batter until barely set. A lovely pudding t...

Serves: 6

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Lemon Posset

Luxurious and sublime! One of the easiest puddings you will ever make. It looks very pretty in these small fluted dishes....

Serves: 8

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Gooseberry & Amaretti Crumble Cake

Always incredibly popular, this cake or pudding can be made in advance and warmed for 10 - 15 minutes just before required. It is also delicious cold and freezes beautifully. What's not to like! ...

Serves: 8

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Rhubarb Tart

Think of a cross between rhubarb and custard and egg custard tart. Delicious tender, pink new seasonís rhubarb baked gently in a barely set custardy filling, encased in crisp pastry. Surprisingly fr...

Serves: 8 - 10

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Rhubarb Elderflower & Greek Yoghurt

This is a prettier and healthier version of rhubarb fool, nice though that is!  Greek yoghurt has fewer calories than the cream traditionally used for the fool and also has the advantage of makin...

Serves: 4

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Plum & Honey Frangipane Tart

This tart could not be easier to make, whilst looking as though you have had several years experience as a pastry chef! It feeds a fair number of people but is easily adapted for less. Simply cut ...

Serves: 10 - 16

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