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Useful Utensils

These utensils are staples that I use regularly when cooking. They make my life much easier in the kitchen - I wouldn't be without them. Absolutely no useless gadgets, I promise!

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Scissors Sharpener - BESTSELLER!!


This is brilliant! Not having owned or used or a scissor sharpener before, I was thrilled to find this handy little sharpener, disguised as a butterfly.

Handy and small enough to fit in a drawer, and magnetic for sticking onto the fridge, it does its job brilliantly. My scissors are now razor sharp at all times and I no longer get grumpy if someone uses them for cutting paper etc. and therefore blunting them.

N.B. Use a light touch when sharpening.  If you grip and pull too hard the scissor blades won't slide through easily.  With a light touch, they glide through effortlessly.

Suitable for right and left-handed scissors. Right-handed one side, left on the other. (See pictures below.)

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