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Useful Utensils

These utensils are staples that I use regularly when cooking. They make my life much easier in the kitchen - I wouldn't be without them. Absolutely no useless gadgets, I promise!

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Frying Pans with Detachable Handle & Optional Lid - NEW!

From £95.00

(NB - Price includes package and posting.)

These frying pans come in two sizes.  Large and Medium, with or without a lid.

A large frying pan is so handy when cooking for more than a few people. One with a lid and a detachable handle that goes into the oven too, extends its use far beyond just frying.  The size of the large pan saves having to fry food in batches too, which is a great time-saver.

The Medium frying pan is a good size for everyday use, and can also be used in an oven.

These fabulous, top quality Woll pans tick just about every box. This is their latest range using revolutionary casting technology.

All pans in this range are suitable for cooking on Electric, Gas, Ceramic, Induction and Halogen hobs.

Their easily detached handles make them perfect for oven cooking as well.

They are naturally non-stick because of their cut and abraison-resistant 5-layer diamond hard base coating, and any kitchen utensils can be used in them - wood, plastic, silicone or metal.

Dishwasher proof. Lifetime guarantee.

Medium -28 cm x 5 cm high (11 in x 2 in)

Large -   32 cm x 5 cm high (12.5in x 2in)

Note to Aga Owners: The large pan fits into the Roasting and Baking ovens with the grid shelf on the floor of the ovens, but not with the shelf raised to a higher level.  It fits at any level in the simmering and warming ovens.

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