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Serving Suggestions

Bearing in mind that we eat with our eyes in the first instance, I think the way food is presented is very important. Presentation shouldnt be fussy, but with a few simple but beautiful platters, dishes and bowls it can be transformed into a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds! The right dish in the right size makes all the difference, whether it be rustic food served in the rustic style or something more elaborate.

Make it Easy

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Heat Resistant Silicone Hot Mats

From £5.50

We have only been stocking these for a few months and they have shot to the top of our bestsellers list.

Measuring 18cm (7in) square these handy little mats are heat resistant up to 300C and are dishwasher safe. Soft, floppy and non-bulky they are invaluable for protecting worktops from searingly hot pots, pans and casseroles that have come straight from the oven or hob. I  use them as serving mats too.

They also prevent those nasty grey marks left on light-coloured (or wood) worktops and chopping boards from the base of pans and roasting tins etc.

Available in three fresh, vibrant colours - purple, lime green and shocking/fushia pink  - they are easy to store hanging from their in-built hole, or in a drawer when not in use.  Having said that, mine are in constant use and have never seen the inside of a drawer...

NB. The actual colours are more vibarant than in the pictures below.

Image gallery (click to view a full version of this image)

Purple Hot Mat Lime Green Hot Mat Pink Hot Mat
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I'm so excited that my new book THE GET-AHEAD COOK - Easy Recipes for Delicious Home Cooking will be published in early 2018! There are over 100 fabulous easy recipes which, as the title suggests, can be prepared stage-by-stage in advance and are illustrated with lots of beautiful ...

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